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Posted on May 21 2020
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Global digital population as of April 2020 Img: Src - Statista -Global digital population as of April 2020.

At leat 10% of the global digital population (~ 4 Billion) and netcitizens have embraced the "order something online" culture. Pioneered by the robust e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Alibaba; online shopping of valuables is now not limited to Flats & Apartments for Rent in Nairobi and Plots of Land for Sale in Kenya.

What are property Listing Websites or Real estate platforms?

With the invention of the internet and search engines, online directories came in play. Real estate marketing and sales automation used to be a manual process that is synomous to the voluminous Yellow pages directories. Now it is easy to find homes for sale near your or homes for sale by owner just by a button click on a real estate listing website in Kenya.

International Real Estate Listing Websites

We have compiled a list of the top 10 real estate listing websites that you can trust for your home search in Kenya.

  1. Homes for Sale, Real Estate & Property Listings |®

Looking for real estate investment properties or home sale near you over the internet must land you to this real estate listing website that rank competitively on google search results after googling property for sale in nairobi.

  1. Real Estate & Homes For Sale - 16,066 Homes For Sale | Zillow

Zillow is a real estate platform popular amongst US realtors that lists flats for sale just like property 24 does offer to real estate rental agencies in South Africa and Kenya. This is a helpful site when looking to review property across global destinations. International investors would love this platform

  1. Homes For Sale | Search

A default website to search houses for sale. This platform like other home listing sites, it is essential for any real estate agent in kenya who is selling real estate.

  1. Trulia: Real Estate Listings, Homes For Sale, Housing Data

Whether you're searching for property 24 houses for sale in cape town or browsing hard across the internet for cape town real estate prices, Trulia will be among your first real estate listings on google search. Property developers who invest in private property mauritius have embraced this.

  1. Houston, TX Real Estate & Homes For Sale | Trulia

This is a regional platform that narrows home investing to Houston. Most property developers in kenya who are daring real estate in the US will list on this page besides lamudi house.

  1. Houston, TX homes for sale - Houston, TX houses for rent

Houston town prides itself for this website that lists several realty for sale that includes houses to sell and some of the best homes for sale in the US. The site is easy to use and its user interface is very friendly.

  1. Search for Real Estate and Homes for Sale | RE/MAX

All investors looking for new listings houses for sale would find themselves on this website whose real estate prices are heavily negotiated and this makesit the admired places for sale properties.

8 HomeFinder: Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Rentals

Mimicking Hao Finder, this platform lists houses rent to buy for the tech savvy home realtor that is looking into sales automation and taking advantage of the digital marketing landscape for better leads conversion through modern house listings.

  1. Homes for Sale/U.S. Department of Housing and Urban - HUD

Most real estate investe in Africa are always struggling to make sale of home or just to find real estate marketers that have enough experience in let to buy schemes that are common unlike the traditional real estate house for rent programs that are majorly championed by legacy landlords.

  1. __Los Angeles Homes for Sale: Los Angeles, CA Real Estate __

Real estate rental companies looking into tapping big into the plots for sale in nairobi would want to have their properties listed on this topranking website which is among the popular platforms in Los Angeles for the finding new homes for sale in the US.

Real Estate listings for Africa
  1. Houses for Sale in Kenya | PigiaMe

This classifieds websites lists among many items, kenya houses for those looking for a house kenya. It is among the pioneers in the ecommerce industry in Kenya.

  1. Flats & Apartments for Rent in Westlands | BuyRentKenya

Came after the heavily marketed Jumia Home that had set foot across east Africa. This platform has several Flats & Apartments for Rent in Kenya Nairobi and supports most agents and tenants looking for Property for Rent in Nairobi. You are advised to seek the help of a professional real estate agent when browsing through listings.

  1. Property for Sale in Kenya - Knight Frank

This company has an enviable market share in the property marketing business in kenya. Notably known for managing high end real estate property in Nairobi. When you are out looking for a premium real estate agent, you may land onto this pplatform that has several Flats & Apartments, Furnished Flats & Apartments for Houses for Sale in Nakuru.

  1. Flats & Apartments for Sale in Nairobi - Property 24 Kenya SmartPhone Page Authority

This multinational realtors community boosts of a big share in the listings business. Some of the notable listings include: Property for Sale in Karen, Langata and Property for Sale in Mombasa old town. The website is straight forward and easy to navigate through for most agents that might not be tech savvy.

  1. Property for sale : Houses and Land in Kenya: Property24

This is the main landing page for property24 kenya website that lists Houses for Sale in Runda, Westlands. Kenyans can find Land - Plots of Land for Sale in Nairobi. Investors window shopping for property will find this platform of great help.

  1. Flats & Apartments for Rent in Westlands | Houses for Sale | Pam Golding Properties

Kenya has been a favorite destination for foreign companies and franchises that have successfully tapped into the ever rippening real estate management industry. This company enjoys a soft landing managing Flats & Apartments for Rent in Westlands besides Flats & Apartments for Sale in Nairobi. These among others must be the top KRA rental income tax revenue drivers within their industry.

  1. Houses for sale in Kenya africa - The Star Africa

Besides distributing both informative and contraversial headlines, this classifieds platform lists a number of Property for Sale in Nairobi and is one place to find homes for sale by owner in Nairobi. The listings rates on this platforms range between KES 300 to KES5000 depending on the volume and the value of the property.

  1. Houses for sell in Kenya - The Star Ke

This is a prime destination for most Nairobians searching for homes for sale near me now or homes for sale in Nairobi. One can filter the listings based on their budget and location.

  1. Land - Plots of Land for Sale in Nairobi - Zoopla

An international listing website that curates properties for sale or rent across the internet. Most house hunters and property investors looking for Houses for Sale in Runda, Westlands are more likely to land onto Zoopla platform. The site also lists a good volume of Land - Plots of Land for Sale in Nairobi. You can check on their website for more information.

At Hao Finder, we have set our goal to have you achieve your ultimate home ownership goals. We provide you fresh insights that help you make informed decisions that help. By any chance that you need more assistance on some of the provided hints, feel free to get in touch with our team for more personalized house hunting help.

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