Runda neighbourhood property guide

Posted on May 13 2020
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Runda neighbourhood property guide

Image: Citizen TV

Runda has grown tremendously as from the 1990’s. Its transformation can be attributed to the United Nations headquarters and the American Embassy which are less than a kilometre away. Below is everything you need to know about this uptown suburb. This is the premium feedback that one receives when you searching for Houses for Sale in Kenya and Houses for Sale in Nairobi on sites such as BuyRentKenya or property24.

Runda location

Runda borders Kiambu Road to the East and Limuru Road to the west. It is close to Gigiri suburb and separated from the rest of the city by Karura Forest as shown in the Google map below:

Map of Runda Area- Kiambu

Image: Google Maps

Why people prefer living in Runda

We all know that the place might not be best for someone having one eye on the wallet, right? So, why are there so many loyal Runda residents? Well, various people prefer to reside in Runda houses for rent due to different reasons. Some love its ambience, security, apartments and so forth. Other residents such as ambassadors and diplomats live in the area as it is closer to their offices and areas of work. Runda is also evergreen throughout the year, something which attracts nature-lovers.

Runda Property guide

Houses in this suburb are to die for. A brief visit to the area will unearth some of the best state-of-the-art lavish villas and mansions with beautiful driveways and orchards. High-end townhouses, bungalows and even guesthouses are available here. Rent prices for typical 1 bedroom apartments here range from Ksh. 100,000 depending on your tastes and preferences. You will shell out close to 200k for a three-bedroomed house.

If you want to purchase a typical 1-bedroom apartment, then be prepared to shell out close to Ksh. 15 million. A three-bedroomed house might cost up to Ksh. 80 million depending on various factors such as the size of land it lies on and so forth.

Runda social amenities and infrastructure

Runda is armed to the teeth with some of the best infrastructures and social facilities. Here is a breakdown:

1. Schools

The following institutions are located in the locality:

• Rosslyn Academy • Brookhouse School • Porterhouse School • St. Marys Girls High School • International School of Kenya • Cheleta Primary School • Gigiri Montessori House • SABIS International School

2. Hospitals

Runda has lots of pharmacies and chemists where you can buy over the counter medication at affordable prices. The area also has some clinics which offer treatment to various ailments. If you need special care, you can easily access the Nairobi Hospital located at Warwick Centre for services such as diagnostics, imaging, and so forth.

3. Restaurants

The suburb has a wide variety of eateries. The notable ones include:

• The River Café • Mediterraneo • The Java House • Asian Gardens • Lord Erroll • Pan Asian Yao • Big Square • Habesha

4. Consulates and Embassies

The following organizations have their headquarters in the nearby Gigiri Suburb:

• Qatar Embassy • Romanian Embassy • Brazilian Embassy • American Embassy • Malaysian • Serbia • Montenegro Consulate • Swedish Embassy

The presence of all these embassies means that the area is so safe from any theft or terrorist attacks.

5. Transport

Nearly everyone who lives in the area owns a car. However, this doesn’t mean that you can access public transport. You can use taxis and matatus to travel to and from the CBD. However, you should be aware that there are no specific matatus that go to Runda. You should either take one from Khoja Bus Station and alight at Limuru Road or Kiambu Road depending on your house location.

6. Shopping Malls

You don’t have to go all the way to the CBD to do your shopping. You can access lots of stores in the nearby Village Market and Warwick Centre. Beauty clinics, jewellery shops, banks, and grocery stores are readily available.

What to do in Runda

You should visit these areas for leisure while living in the suburb.

• Muthaiga Golf Club if you fancy sports • Karura forest for nature lovers. • Village Market • Muthaiga Country Club

Runda Neighbourhood is definitely the best place to live if you fancy a quiet environment, security, nature and lavish properties. Runda is just a few kilometres from the city and is easily accessible via its excellent road network. Are you interested in moving to Runda? If yes, why not try our authentic services to quickly locate your dream property? Our database has lots of properties which might match your description as well as preferences.

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