Importance of CSR in housing management

Posted on December 06 2019
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If you are a property owner, the days of solely operating based on profits are indisputably gone. While revenues are very critical, many housing companies and agents are now focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

It is incredibly important for a company to operate in a way that demonstrates social responsibility. Despite this factor not being a legal requirement, it is an excellent practice to take it into account. This write-up outlines the essence of CSR and the benefits it can bring to your business.

Definition of CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility is a type of worldwide private business regulation that targets to contribute to charitable nature, philanthropic and ethically-oriented practices. It is also referred to as corporate citizenship, conscious capitalism, corporate sustainability, responsible business or sustainable business.

For instance, as the best property management company in Nairobi, you can decide to generously pay your representatives for the time and hard work they dedicate to your brand. As a landlord, you can purpose to provide free on-time repair services to tenants whose sewage system blocks, roof leaks, and so on. A prominent real estate company can engage in charity events.

csr-tabu-foundation Image: Tab-bu Foundation

Essence of CSR

So what makes CSR an essential aspect to any real estate firm, agent, or landlord? Well, it has the following benefits when incorporated into your house management system:

1. Reputation

Before buying or renting any property from you, consumers will definitely do a quick research on your public image. Something simple, like sponsoring a blood donation exercise, can make you appear more favorable to customers. Also, offering free repairs shows that your brand is dedicated to helping others.

2. Increased property awareness

If you are committed to serving your customers better, giving back to society, and operating ethically, this news might spread faster. More people will get to know about your company and properties, thus creating awareness. Chances are that your sales will also increase. For landlords, having unoccupied units will be history.

3. An added advantage over competitors

Embracing CSR makes you stand out from the crowd. This makes you an established company or agent committed to moving a step further by considering environmental and social factors.

4. Customer engagement

If you are using CSR systems, you should openly shout it from the rooftop. Post it on social media, promote it through TV ads, sponsored blog posts, and so on. Shout it to the whole world that you are taking part in particular charitable event. Consumers will definitely desire to be associated with you.

5. Improved employee engagement

Similar to consumer engagement, you should make your staff aware of your CSR strategies. Employees fancy working for a firm that has a good reputation, public image, and gives back to the community compared to one that doesn’t. Through this, you might retain most of your top experienced staff members for several years.

6. Loyalty

Having loyal customers and employees is essential. Your CSR is one of the ways that can help build loyalty. For instance, offering free garbage collection shows that the interests of the environment and society are essential to you. This is bound to make your tenants loyal. As a result, you will never struggle with “vacant house” advertisements every now and then.

A good number of companies in the housing industry take a pleasure in giving back to society through Corporate Social Responsibility. From the listed benefits, it is clear that the factor is an important aspect of house management.

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